Open Anthem

At Anthem, we are transforming our technology culture, opening up our software and technology products to the open-source development community.


exploring emerging technologies and putting them to work for you



increasing technology quality by enabling anyone and everyone to test our products


working with technologists and consumers


inviting you to shape our technology initiatives


Our project does things. Like, really cool things.

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Core Philosophy


Relationships are important. It is essential to promote healthy relationships among those who develop technology products, those responsible for planning and decision making, and those who use the products. Open Anthem gives unprecedented transparency and trust to the community. We want every voice to be heard.


We know the value of holding each other accountable. It isn’t about conflict; it’s about honesty and humility. We trust that we can give and receive feedback that is intended for building us up. And we want you to trust that when we say something, we really mean it.



Although some perceive that the open source development community is like the Wild West, open source contributors actually recognize the need for consistency and discipline. Our Contributor Guidelines promote consistency without putting a stranglehold on your creativity and participation.



We work smartest when we work together. A diverse community of users and contributors enables Open Anthem to learn from each other, to challenge our assumptions, to break down barriers, and to deliver continuous technology enhancement.